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Need Audio Enginner

2013-01-07 05:43:16 by RedRain

Our team need :
-Sound Engineer
-AS3 Expert

Please e-mail us if you like to join:

NB:this is a free group, no payment (Except our games can be sold to steam LOL)

and Try our new Games !

Neonider 3 : Mission In Space

Need Audio Enginner


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2013-06-10 14:03:32

Hey dude, remember me?

RedRain responds:

Sureee ! :D,how are you ? :)


2013-06-11 20:14:03

Good, brah. Anyway congrats on the awards for the Neonider series, I'm so jealous lol. Anyway wassup?

RedRain responds:

:), LoL, thanks, thats just luck really XD, how bout you ? make any good ? :P. hey do u have skype or something ? :)


2013-06-12 10:42:04

I made Pico Race Day 2012 which got 5th place on Pico Day, and I've also been making some music lately. Check it out if you want.

RedRain responds:

Ah, hey u have skype ? btw how u arrage music ? what program do you use ? :)


2013-06-14 02:20:42

I don't use a program, I practice making music on my synthesizer. Besides I'm still learning how to make music and am still a noob at it. Also no my webcam is busted, and I don't have an account, sorry bro.