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My 1 game on android :) Colour button is a simple game, you only need press the same colour button with the lowest colour of the stack ! Please download and rate :) Andy feedback welcome :)


Android :

Need Audio Enginner

2013-01-07 05:43:16 by RedRain

Our team need :
-Sound Engineer
-AS3 Expert

Please e-mail us if you like to join:

NB:this is a free group, no payment (Except our games can be sold to steam LOL)

and Try our new Games !

Neonider 3 : Mission In Space

Need Audio Enginner

This is it !

2010-08-26 05:00:41 by RedRain

how bout this ?? u like it dude ?

This is it !

Done !

2010-07-25 07:58:17 by RedRain

My PRS was uploaded ! Play the game and make review please !, and thx to LegoDude2000!

Done !

Almost done !

2010-07-21 21:04:43 by RedRain

hey my PSR game almost done wait about 2-3 days !
and thankyou for Legodude2000 for helping me !

view his profile !



2010-07-15 09:25:48 by RedRain

Hi! sorry for the pending JPM2 i was making RPS:Day and night it's a RPG luck based game.....

I'll colaborate with :
Legodude2000 (click for his profile)

still wait !!

Holiday !

2010-07-08 05:09:49 by RedRain

Last time i was in singapore si i didn't do the Jack Packman 2 project.....
So still stand by !


2010-06-23 08:50:53 by RedRain

feeewh........... my first game is so bad ........
hope my second game can be a good game

sory for my bad grammer

Cool !

2010-06-22 03:39:52 by RedRain

Hi ! I'm newbie here.........
newgrounds is so colllll..........
i'll upload my game here !